Clip-on Tag Along Solar Charger For Your Smartphone – Color: Blue


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Tag Along Solar Charger Battery with a USB port to allow you to charge your phone or any gadgets works on inbuilt Li-Polymer battery similar to the batteries found in the mobile phone. It continually stores sunlight on the inbuilt battery when exposed to sunlight. It then keeps this stored power ready to charge your phone or gadgets. This cycle continues every time it is expose to sunlight. Store power use is replenished without doing anything when expose to sunlight. So all you have to do is TAG Along with the solar charger to your backpack or purse and let it charge so when you need it is all ready to go.

DETAILS: Store capacity is 4050 mAh and very lightweight as it will continuously replenish the power that is use. Smart IC controls auto power shutoff when full charge on both the device and the power bank. Your smartphone like iPhone will charge fully in 4 hours and similar devices will charge in 4 to 5 hours. It can also be charge indoor via USB port and store the power for later use.

Tag Along Solar Charger

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