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Increase your upper body strength with these gymnastics rings by Crown Sporting Goods. Made from polycarbonate plastic, these yellow rings were designed with ridged edges for a secure grip, even when your hands are sweaty.

They are 1.25″ thick for a comfortable grip for most adult hands. These rings come with 1″ thick nylon hanging straps. The straps also include adjustable buckles.

Moreover, you can easily adjust the height of the rings. These rings are great for CrossFit training, increasing upper body strength, and even attaching to a tree or a playground.

Why You’ll Love It:

Gymnastics rings are a great training tool for athletes at any level. Whether you are just beginning or have hit expert level, these rings are great for building upper body strength, increasing size gains, and improving your performance in the gym.

You can practice push-ups, rows, front level pull-ups, Bulgarian dips, leg raises, L-sits, shoulder stands, and more. Although gymnastics rings function similar to push-up bars, they put less stress on the shoulders, wrists, and arms, creating a safer workout for your body.

With their metal, adjustable buckle, these rings can be easily installed and used nearly anywhere: hung from a pull-up bar, mounted on a ceiling rafter, secured to a tree branch, or connected at a gym.






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