The 5 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers You Can Buy

The 5 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers You Can Buy

The 5 Best Bluetooth Party Speakers You Can Buy

Music. That is the main element of a great party. Now, whether you’re the one personally hosting the party, or you’ve been asked to DJ and co-host someone else’s, the only way you can make everyone’s time worthwhile and make them remember this night forever is by playing the greatest hits on a Bluetooth speaker. And to create such an environment, you require high-quality Bluetooth party speakers to get the party started.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Party Speaker:

You need to weigh out your options and consider a few things before you buy them. The volume and the bass of such speakers should be of excellent quality. However, a few other things that you need to make note of can also be:

  • The battery life of the speaker.
  • It’s size and weight, whether it is portable or not.
  • Whether it is waterproof or not.
  • If it can be linked with two or more speakers to create an in-home sound system.

JBL Boombox:

Waterproof and portable, this Bluetooth party speaker is an excellent choice for pool and beach parties. With a rumbling level of bass, along with clear-cut sounds of the instruments playing and the vocals in the song, this speaker lives up to its name. It, quite literally, blows the house down, especially when playing rock and hip hop songs. Although it can also be used inside, an option allows you to add an extra bass boost when using these speakers in an outdoor area.

It has a long-lasting battery life of more than 20 hours, is quite durable, and can be connected wirelessly to multiple other JBL speakers if need be. JBL Boombox has dual USB charging ports, and its volume and intensity can be controlled through the JBL app.

Ultimate Ears Hyperboom:

Rated as one of the best Bluetooth party speakers, Hyperboom is quite large, wireless, and has a battery life of more than 24 hours. Though expansive, it is still a portable speaker and is dust and water-resistant. So if anyone accidentally spills their drink onto this speaker, not to worry! It will still keep working. Well-balanced audio emits from this speaker, and the levels can be changed depending on whether the speaker is indoors or outdoors.

Marshall Kilburn II:

This speaker gives off a vintage and classy aura, as it resembles an old age radio. However, the speaker is portable and the sound it emits is of high quality, the volume being louder than other speakers of its size. A few treble knobs are also located onto this speaker so you can switch up the sounds according to the mood of your party. An attached strap makes this speaker easy to carry, and it has a coating that makes it water resistant. With a 20 hour battery life and a speedy connection and play system, the Marshal Kilburn II is one of its kind.

JBL Charge 4:

A relatively new speaker in the JBL brand, this medium sized speaker can be connected through Bluetooth to give you the ultimate party experience, and can last for around 20 hours. The speaker itself is portable, and durable as well as it is dust proof. Tests have been taken to check whether the JBL Charge 4 actually is waterproof as it was advertised as a waterproof speaker, and the results showed that the speaker can last for more than 33 minutes while being completely submerged under water.

Its settings and volume can be adjusted through the app, and you can connect two devices to the speaker, which is a newly introduced feature. The speaker can also be connected to multiple other JBL speakers to create a home sound system.

Aiwa Exos 9:

If you are looking for Bluetooth party speakers that emit high quality sounds at a high volume, Aiwa Exos 9 is the one. Although this speaker is more suitable for indoor parties, Exos comprises of 5 speakers, all of them playing at the highest possible volume without any distortion in the sounds, music, or vocals whatsoever. Its design is quite sleek and gives off a modern look, and has customizable EQ (although presets are already given). This speaker has 9 hours of battery life, and is great for a party that wont last long into the night. This speaker is not completely water resistant, but it can be connected to another Exos 9 speaker to create a wireless sound system effect.

If you are someone who is a fan of throwing parties on a regular basis and are looking for decent bluetooth party speakers, our top picks mentioned above will not disappoint you, and will give you the ultimate, party throwing experience.

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