Types Of Dinner Plates

Types Of Dinner Plates

Types Of Dinner Plates

We see different types of dinner plates in restaurants and formal events but often we do not know the names of all the types of these plates. Here we shall discuss a few of the types of dinner plates and their uses.

Dinner Plate:

            A dinner plate is usually used in every home. The dinner plate is generally measured to be 11 or 12 inches. This plate is the widely used plate in every home. Often people use dinner plates at lunch time as well.

Dessert Plate:

            Dessert place is usually used on formal and informal occasions. The other name of the dessert plate is the luncheon plate. The dessert plate serves diverse functions. It can be used for serving snacks, starter meals, and desserts. The diameter of the luncheon plate is about 18cm. Often you see dessert plates at weddings and parties.

Bread And Butter Plate:

            As the name implies, the BnB plate is used for putting bread and butter. Another name of this plate is known as a quarter plate or side plate. This plate is given the name of the side plate because it is placed next to the fork. Bread and butter plate has similar features like other plates as it is round in shape. The only difference is that the bread and butter plate is small in size as the diameter of the plate is about 15cm.

Soup Plate:

            A soup plate is also called a bowl due to its shape. The top of the soup plate has an arch like structure. There are different types of soup plates. It is used to contain watery food that is why called a soup container. Formal and informal events have different soup plates. In a formal meal, liquid food is usually served in a soup plate that is short in height as compared to the informal meal.

Salad Bowl:

            Salad bowls/plates are specifically designed for serving salads. It has a round shape and it comes in two different sizes. One is a large salad bowl of about 22cm and the other is a small salad bowl of about 20cm. You can easily recognize the salad plate among other plates because it is larger in size as compared to other plates.

Appetizer Plate:

            As the name implies, an appetizer plate is used to serve appetizers like snacks, cheese, etc. Appetizer plate is available in different sizes starting from 17cm in size. In appearance, it looks similar to the appetizer plate. The only difference between the two plates is of the size that the appetizer plate is larger as compared to the bread and butter plate.

Types of Dinner Sets

Dinner sets are a crucial part of the kitchen. In order to choose a dinner set, you must know every type of dinner set and its characteristics. Here we shall discuss a few of the types of dinner sets.

Bone China:

            Bone china dinner set originates back in the 20th century in the United Kingdom. It is called English Porcelain in the west. They have a fragile structure and can be used in the oven. Bone China dinner sets are made from the ashes of animals. The ashes of animals then get mixed with porcelain clay. This mixture is finally heated at a low temperature. Bone China dinner sets are light in weight. It is recommended to wash the bone china dinner sets with hands.

Stainless Steel:

            Stainless steel dinner sets are the dinner sets that are most convenient to carry. These dinner sets are mostly used in the Asian region. These dinner sets are affordable and require minimal care. They are made from different raw materials ranging from fair quality, good quality, and the best one. These dinner sets have a long life as compared to other dinner sets.


            Porcelain dinner sets are very economical. They are used on formal occasions. They are usually available in white color. You can use porcelain dinner sets in a microwave oven. Also, you can wash them through hands. Porcelain dinner sets are long-lasting because they are made under high temperatures.


            Stoneware dinner sets are used in formal dinners. There is a need for special care to be taken while using stoneware sets. Do not put them in very high or at very low temperatures. You can use a dishwasher to wash the stoneware dinner sets but it is recommended to wash them through hands. These dinner sets have a very smooth and elegant appearance.


            Earthenware dinner sets are very affordable to buy. They require great care and should not be put under the direct flame. They can be used in casual dinners but these dinner sets are very short-lived. Extra care has to be taken while serving in these dinner sets.


            The melamine dinner set is considered the most versatile dinner set which can be used on any formal occasion. They are available in different colors and designs. They are extremely good looking and are appealing to every type of customer. There is also 16 Piece Dinnerware Set available which you can buy for your kitchen. There is a range of plates varying from little t medium to high serving different purposes.

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