What’s Cooler; Hogwarts Or A HEPA Air Purifier?

What’s Cooler; Hogwarts Or A HEPA Air Purifier?

What’s Cooler; Hogwarts Or A HEPA Air Purifier?

2020 has not been the kindest year. Marking crisis after crisis. It can get really depressing at times. But not to worry! Something fun is definitely around the corner.

Let us be the bearer of good news. There is no one out there who is not familiar with Harry Potter. Young, old alike. J. K. Rowling, years ago, created a world of fantasy. Filled with magic, spells and monsters. Absolutely enthralling. The lonesome corridors of Hogwarts. The student body that felt like friends. The saga that we never wanted to end.

Hogwarts Legacy

But it’s back with a clap! Hogwarts Legacy. A brand new video game. Based on Harry Potter. To be released on PS5, XBOX Series, and PC. This is an open – ended game. Of the ultimate make – believe world.

Warner Bro’s has made the announcement of the year. This game will be launched next year. Across all platforms mentioned above. It is going to be a part of Sony’s PlayStation 5 live stream event. We know the Harry potter fans are drooling out there.

The game has been developed by Disney Infinity Developer Avalanche Software. The story is set in the 1800’s. Surrounding the renowned Hogwart’s School of Magic.

 An interesting thing to note is the diversity. The player is not limited to the lead character. It is an open – ended game. This means, the player is free to assume any role. There is ample space to become entangled in all wizardry. Through various different perspectives. All the characters in the series were bewitching. Even those that were rarely in the spotlight.

The game has been described as a role – playing video game. This game is set to include all the famous locations of the wizarding world. It will spin an era of fantasy. Warner Bros has stated that it will be an experience like never before. We really can’t wait to see for ourselves!

There have been rumors. Little snippets of a game being released. This word of mouth started a couple years ago. In 2018, it was rumored that an ultimate Harry Potter game would surface. People discarded this gossip as run of the mill. But now we see it to be true.

Safety Precautions Violated

Not to break the excitement, but on a sour note. A Vietnamese restaurant in Hawaii has been issued a red placard. The department of health took this measure. Some terrifying news had surfaced.

The kitchen of this restaurant was afflicted by a roach infestation. Creepy crawlies; there’s no one that likes them. Especially not when it comes to the food you’re about to eat.

There were other food and safety violations surpassed too. There were more than 20 – 30 live roaches crawling over edible items. That’s what you really call a scare. Imagine walking into a restaurant, and that’s the first thing you see. You’d surely never look back!

Not only this, but they were found in cooked food. Or food that was being cooked. There were other things missing. Things that could contribute to food borne illnesses. There was a lack of soap. Something that should be an essential at restaurants. Especially for cooking personnel. Raw meat was stuffed into freezers that were not working. Mixed with dry ingredients. It seems to be a recipe for disaster!

There is a global Pandemic. News like this, in these times can be alarming. Sanitation and hygiene are top priorities. Citizens trust food chains to ensure a healthy food supply. Most importantly, to remain clean. Hospitals are already under immense pressure. The health system could topple. Especially if people continue to be this careless.

A HEPA Air Purifier Could Be The Best Thing About 2020

In line of COVID – 19 however; air purifiers. Let’s put the world in perspective. A virus displaying flu – like symptoms. Wildfires across the world. The real threat of global warming.

And, HEPA Air Purifiers. High Efficiency Particulate Air. This works as a sort of filter. It forces through air particles. These particles go through a very fine mesh. This mesh blots out the harmful particles present in air. This could be pollen, smoke, etc.

These air filters are to be updated regularly. They could be on the pricier side. But that is definitely something you’d consider a necessity.

For instance, a new type of Air Purifier. This purifier is brilliant. It uses revolutionary technology. It is built with Medical Grade, H13 filters. The promise is to cleanse 99.9% of all particles. That is a great percentage. The estimated time limit for this filter is around 2500 hours. That is a lot of time. After that, you need to change the filter. The gadget has 4 fan speeds. This allows you genuine comfort. Also, in accordance with your liking.

There are some great options in the market. There is another exemplary Air Purifier. It retails around $544.99. This one cleans 99.98% of all particles. It is also equipped with a 360 degree air intake system. It can truly cleanse all the dirty air. A worthwhile investment for sure.

Now, if you have allergies. You could opt for the most efficient Air Purifier. This one claims to clean 99.9% of airborne viruses. The highest percentage. And sure shot protection against the Corona Virus. These are factors you need to take into account. It has a quality indicator. This shows the quality of air, quantitatively. There is something even more wonderful. It adjusts its cleaning level. Automatically. Based on the air quality reading being displayed.

There are numerous health benefits to an air purifier. Allergies, or dusty particles. It leaves nothing behind. Do you think you’re ready for an investment yet?

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